About me

I design minimal and friendly websites based on content.

To me, this means focusing on usability, functionality, and creating something that works well for those in charge of it and those visiting it.

It means building in versatility, considering real life scenarios, and putting together something meaningful.

And it means designing something intuitive and accessible, with considerable thought put into organization, processes, and experience.

I’m not here to mass produce designs.

I’m here to make thoughtful decisions, create meaningful designs, and do the best work I possibly can.

Need a thoughtful web designer?
Email me—I’m currently available for contract work and open to part-time and full-time positions with the right company.

Some details

Note: I am always keen to learn. So while these are things I currently know and believe, they are not the limit of what I am capable of. Try me.

Designing based on real information is important to me.
Like content. But also goals, values, and everything I can find out about the audience. The point is to make life easier (and more delightful) for everyone, not just create something that looks cool.

I design and prototype websites in Adobe XD.
I am interested in how this differs from using the latest versions of Sketch + InVision. I’m guessing the functionality is comparable, though I’d love to hear from you if you use both (or prefer one over the other for various reasons).

I design logos and graphics in Adobe Illustrator.
Usually. 😉

I design documents in Adobe InDesign.
This has included one book. Doing book and magazine layouts is something I’d love to learn more about. I think there’s much to be learned from print design that is of great value to the web (thanks, Jen Simmons!).

I can understand and use HTML, CSS, and WordPress PHP.
I use this knowledge to help inform my designs. I do not want to assume what is possible and what is not possible in development, and have that limit my designs. I’d rather just know. While I did code this website, development is not my focus. I am fascinated by it—and enjoy its problem solving nature—but currently use it for the benefit of my designs, to make communication efficient and productive with developers, and to have fun.

WordPress is the content management system I know best.
I know my way around it, and am confident with plugins and integrations. Also, the WordPress community is wonderful. All that said, I am interested in learning more about managing static websites, and tools like Netlify and Eleventy.

I have an open-minded approach to problem solving.
There are many different ways to accomplish tasks and solve problems, and a billion people with perspectives completely different than my own. This is great! I happily learn from those around me, am aware that there’s always room for improvement, and am able to look at problems from a variety of different angles.

I believe in open and honest communication, working together, and sharing information.
I believe in what we can accomplish as a community—working together— and I love sharing what I know and being as helpful as I possibly can.