welcome to 2015 part 3: my one little word

[Read part 1 and part 2 first.]

Last year my one little word was BRAVE. You can read about it here.

Last year I was brave enough to change my mind about what I wanted my future to look like.

Last year I was brave enough to start a business with my best friend.

Last year I was brave enough to start seriously writing a public blog.

That’s something that everyone always says: just start.

But there’s more to it than that, isn’t there? Even if you do muster up the courage to start something, that doesn’t guarantee you will be a success.

It needs work.

That’s why my one little word for 2015 is grow.

Now that I’ve started, I need to grow.

I am going to grow as an individual by keeping new habits and putting myself outside of my comfort zone.

I am going to help grow PHOENIXD into a successful and profiting business.

This blog is going to grow bigger with each and every post I write.

I’m going to grow as a designer and developer by working through my 2015 project of awesomeness (I’ll tell you all about this tomorrow!)

And finally, quite literally, I am going to grow some bigger muscles (those 5 unassisted pull-ups aren’t going to do themselves).

The idea of growth is my focus for 2015 and something I will be applying to all areas of my life. When I think grow, I think so much more than just getting bigger. I consider it getting better, deeper, more valuable, more authentic and just overall more awesome.

Grow is my action word for a year that’s going to be full of action.

Remember, tomorrow I’ll be writing about my big 2015 project. I’m so excited to share it with you, so I hope you’ll come on back to read about it.