Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad

I originally wrote this on Dec. 9, 2013. I had it posted on my old blog, but since starting my new one, it has no longer been available. Today I’m changing that. 


Dear Mom and Dad,

You two are amazing. I am so incredibly lucky to have you as parents and I’m not sure I say it enough. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for the both of you.

Mom, from you I have learned to love myself for who I am. Never once did you ask me to be someone that I wasn’t. All you continue to give me is support, and I can’t express how much I appreciate that. You’ve taught me not to worry so much about what may or may not happen in life, and to just stop and enjoy it; that money isn’t the most important thing, happiness is. You’ve taught me how to love; I see the way you look at Dad. You’ve taught me that it is okay to have fun, and continue to encourage me to be the best that I can be.

Dad, from you I have learned the value of being selfless. Though I am not as strong as you are, thinking of you reminds me that other people matter, and of the happiness that comes with helping out others when they need it. And you’ve taught me the value of hard work. You are without a doubt the most hardworking person I know and I continue to be impressed with what you are able to do. You’ve taught me to be patient, and to take whatever the world throws at me in stride, because there are just some things that you can’t do anything about.

Together you have taught me not to be so strict in life, including those everyday things that might not go according to plan because life happened, instead. You’ve taught me to be carefree, to not be afraid of taking those unplanned opportunities, to be adventurous.

You’ve taught me the value of family. I was lucky to grow up with such a close family. These days, our family is so spread out that we rarely have the opportunity to all come together. But when we do manage it, no matter the circumstance, it is always something to cherish. Those moments remind me how amazing it is to be around a group of people you know will always love and support you no matter what. For that I am lucky, and I have you to thank.

Sometimes I can be distant. It’s easy, these days, to get caught up in life. I forget that you can’t see me, that you can’t see how you’ve managed to impact my life. But you have. Almost every day I see my actions reflecting the ideas and values that you both taught me, and I couldn’t be happier.

You’ve done so much for me – I can only hope to be as wonderful as you both, some day.

Thank you.