intention updates: October

Way back in August, I wrote a few posts about my current intentions. The idea was that I would do them for the whole month, and then after the month was over, evaluate whether I wanted to continue doing them. Drink 6 mason jars of water every single day. I did this very successfully for […]

creativity & storytelling

Lately I’ve been writing first thing in the morning. (When I say lately, I really mean this morning and yesterday morning.) I’ve been writing about anything that comes to mind, and if nothing comes to mind that’s what I write (literally) – picture a paragraph full of the sentence “I don’t know what to write.” […]

my blog re-design

I’ve recently re-designed my blog. I suppose that’s a bit deceiving. I should be saying that I designed my blog for the first time. Before, I was using a theme that somebody else created. Which is awesome when you’re just getting started because then, all you do is start. I recently listened to this episode […]

cold brew coffee (pt. 1): the process

I think I am in love. But let’s take a step back. For the last few months, I’ve seen a few things about something called cold brew coffee. Finally, while making my official October list of what to accomplish, I decided I was going to try it (it sits between the likes of ‘crochet something’ and ‘publish […]

nope, my Grandma’s turkey is the best

Have you ever eaten something at a restaurant, only to have it not live up to your expectations because, of course, your Grandma or Dad or Auntie cooks it better? I had one of those experiences the other day and I want to explore why. ———- In Canada, this weekend is Thanksgiving. Growing up, this […]

what I’m learning: sticky footers

A few months ago I introduced a category to you called what I’m learning. I mentioned that the first few posts would be related to code and/or WordPress theme development. But what did I go and do? I wrote about re-learning how to crochet. Good thing it’s all related… But to those of you who […]

brave – my one little word

Back at the end of 2013, I chose a word. One little word. The idea is that you take your word with you throughout the year. You focus on it, draw inspiration from it, and it can help guide you through difficult situations. I found out about One Little Word, which was started by Ali […]

everyone has their beauty – now what are we gonna do with it?

I was visiting someone special when a very elderly lady rolled up nearby in her wheel chair and started chatting with some of the people I was with. We didn’t know her, but she definitely wanted to talk with us. With a smile on her face, she pointed to one of the men in the […]

making time

Recently, something intriguing came in one of the newsletters I get to my inbox. It was a challenge! And I happen to have a soft spot for challenges. If it’s in challenge form, I’m more likely to keep up with it. This particular challenge is all about making time for things you love. Here’s how it […]

success is about effort (tips for university)

The first day of University is just around the corner, and although I won’t be going back this year, I do have a few tips for those who are. It doesn’t matter which year you are in. Even if you’re in your last year and think you’ve got it figured out, you might still take […]

supper (/breakfast/lunch) time is for conversations

In my family growing up, the table had it’s own room. It was called the dining room. It basically consisted of a table and chairs, with a doorway to the kitchen and one to the living room. What it didn’t include was a TV. Because food time was for conversations. The only time we watched […]

real life realizations

Nobody goes through life without having moments of confusion and conflict. It’s impossible. More specifically, I’m talking about those times when your feelings don’t match each other. The love-hate relationships (with people… and food). The times when you know what you should do, but you just don’t want to. Or when you want to, but […]

intention: wake up before 8am

During the winter I always think to myself Ah, I love mornings, but why can’t I seem to wake up? The problem (as you might be wondering) is that in the winter, mornings here in Edmonton are super dark. As in, the sun comes up at 9ish and goes down at 3:00pm. That’s not enough time. […]

how can I delight you?

I was listening to the latest episode of a podcast done by the three (now 4) super cool guys over at Fizzle, and they said some really cool things and I wanted to share one of my favourites. (I love the podcast, it’s useful, fun, entertaining, useful, hilarious, useful, enlightening, and… did I say useful? BUT […]

everyone could blog

Every once in a while I come across someone who makes a blanket statement about blogs being weird and only for ‘certain’ types of people. The statement is always accompanied by an eyebrows raised look of semi-disgust. (That sounds dramatic. But do something for me right now ok – raise both your eyebrows, lift one […]